12 Ways to Wear Adidas Biking Shorts

Classy/sophisticated/chic black turtleneck, white trainers, Gucci bag, gold jewelry literary-esque blazer, white trainers, white T-shirt leather jacket, white T-shirt, silver heels, dragonfly purse or black fur purse white sweater, white trainers, pink rose sporty/athletic/active grey sweatshirt, white trainers, Dooney & Bourke cross-body purse black sports bra, Bebe fanny pack, white trainers, baseball cap black Adidas [...]

First Impressions: Capri, Italy

There is no word for what it feels like to wake up on an island, but there should. I rested my head on Meg's shoulder, mouth-breathing and warm. The ferry's windows mocked us with their stiffness and immobility. I just wanted a breeze. I just wanted some relief from the feverish pink that doused my [...]