An Acquired Taste

I drove home from a date on the cusp of tears. I wanted to cry, but the interior flood gates remained shut. It seemed like a perfect moment to cry with the dreary scent of perfume and hairspray saturating the driver and passenger seats. The darkness weighed in and around me. An obnoxious amount of [...]

Journal Entry: Eight

January 20th, 2019 Today I woke up at 9:30. I made coffee with my new french press and then I read in bed for a while. I did my first load of laundry today. The washing machine is puny. Around 12:15 I ate yogurt and granola. The woman from Italy Excel emailed me back and [...]

Journal Entry: Three

January 15th, 2019 I woke up at 4 a.m. and looked photo albums Denise left on the desk beside my bed. At 6:30, I heard Denise fumbling with the cappuccino machine in the kitchen. I ate a croissant with my coffee just like she said. At 8:00, Denise's driver, a man of roughly forty named [...]

When Goodness Crumbles

I don’t remember how often I’d cry. Maybe two or three times a week. Tears swelled behind my eyes like a sudden pregnancy of grief. Then, equally as fast, they were gone, drained from my system as if I had felt nothing at all.  I didn’t know how sad I was until I left. Thinking [...]

Airport Heaven

I use to fall asleep mid prayer, trusting that a guardian angel would conclude  the list of things I am grateful for.   I use to fall asleep mid prayer, otherwise, I could not sleep. I was told to thank God for the things I do not want to wake up without.   Waking up [...]

The Description of Details

I think about all the melted chocolate, all the stained purses.  I think about the intricacies of naming. Calling it something.  Call it dark or white or milk. Call it almond and honey. Traces of coconut.  Call it pinched in sea salt.  I think about use. I think about naive pillows, not knowing the weight [...]

Pollen in June

Pollen in June is summer’s snow, sticking to my sweat.   Pollen in June is a gentle snowstorm  coating the swings, the strollers, and slides.   The playground is full of mothers and their children, wearing bright cotton t-shirts and shorts, wearing sunglasses to watch the kids, wearing pollen in their hair.   A father [...]

Softened Butter

I tilt my head to look more into his eyes, I like how tilting is more, it’s the most I know. I am twenty. I know how to tilt into eyes, I know how to remember when I want to: the younger sisters of October, a middle name, a maiden name, a stepfather. I like [...]