12 Ways to Wear Adidas Biking Shorts

Classy/sophisticated/chic black turtleneck, white trainers, Gucci bag, gold jewelry literary-esque blazer, white trainers, white T-shirt leather jacket, white T-shirt, silver heels, dragonfly purse or black fur purse white sweater, white trainers, pink rose sporty/athletic/active grey sweatshirt, white trainers, Dooney & Bourke cross-body purse black sports bra, Bebe fanny pack, white trainers, baseball cap black Adidas [...]

Journal Entry: Four

January 16th, 2019 I slept for 2 hours last night. I am absolutely exhausted. I tried to stay up all day so maybe I could sleep well tonight. This morning Meghan and I walked to a restaurant called Pimm's for a free breakfast sponsored by the university. I had a croissant and a cappuccino. After [...]

Ode to Ballerinas

I always wedged the small plastic container of almonds in the cupholder of my car. It made reaching for an almond easy and accessible as I drove. Keeping my left hand on the wheel, I used my right hand to pinch the almonds with my fingertips. It was always sad to no longer feel an [...]

Herself in Numbers

I’m learning to count behind the numbers where Quantity keeps an inventory of all the ages you’ve been.  You’ve been three, four, eighteen and twelve. Thirty four, nineteen, seven.  You’ve been behind the numbers without knowing it. Like a slow reader trying to keep up with his classmates. You are here. They are there. And [...]