Short Story Excerpt: Elise

This is the beginning of a short story I have been working on. It has no title yet. For the sake of simplicity, I call it Elise as this is the name of the main character. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt. 🙂 It is 10:35 on a Saturday morning. The air is warm. [...]

Short Story: All That She is Not

All That She is Not On Sunday morning, Natalie drives to her father’s house wishing she drank two cups of coffee instead of one. It is fifteen years after her parents divorced and Natalie still finds it unfair that her mother is the only one who, after all of the court meetings and paperwork, lost [...]

Worth Keeping

We planned it the day before. Coffee and then yoga. The pairing sounded awkward even over text. I wanted to, but restrained myself from suggesting a cup of tea or smoothies instead of coffee before a yoga class. I imagined myself in downward dog next to him, palms gripping the earth, toes scrunched, and feeling [...]

Flash Fiction: Girlhood

We rode the bus home together everyday, sharing snacks and drinking from the same water bottle. Our stop was in front of a blue-shutter-house with dead bushes. The front porch was crumbling. We walked to the end of the street together before going our separate ways.  One time, before parting, Alana made me laugh so [...]

Flash Fiction: Compassion

I wrote this piece of flash fiction on the plane home from California. Its influence is a collision of reading Jhumpa Lahiri's novel titled The Namesake and from spending the past weekend admiring old pictures of my great grandmother Marian. Compassion On the plane ride home from Mumbai, Wendy rummages through her purse, trying to locate [...]

Short Story Excerpt: In Unison

Thank you, Jhumpa Lahiri, for inspiring me to write short stories. I had the great pleasure of hearing Ms. Lahiri speak two times during my time in Rome. In particular, her book Interpreter of Maladies showed me the power and beauty of the short story. I have been working on a few ideas for my own [...]

More Like Rosie

Rosie waited in a long line for ice cream with her mother and grandparents. It was an unexpectedly cool evening for July. The whole line of ice cream buyers seemed to shiver in their skin wishing that they’d either worn a long sleeve shirt or were waiting in line for a warmer treat. Rosie’s mother [...]