Childhood Twice Over

What is more baby brother than a shy knock on my bedroom door? What is more baby brother than his eighteen year old body flopping onto my bed, keeping his feet in the air to ensure that they don't touch the pillows. I remember the summer we changed our names and begged dad for guinea [...]

Proof there is god

The tears my mother cries as she washes dishes after dinner Vaughn Williams on the stereo The way my brother leans all of his weight into me when we hug The promise my father keeps, “call me if you need anything” The wedding, the divorce, the remarried women, the man she remarried Women who make [...]

Airport Heaven

I use to fall asleep mid prayer, trusting that a guardian angel would conclude  the list of things I am grateful for.   I use to fall asleep mid prayer, otherwise, I could not sleep. I was told to thank God for the things I do not want to wake up without.   Waking up [...]


I. Back and forth we went, trying to remember the word for words  that sound the same but are spelled differently. A word from our youths when we were taught this  phenomenon in a classroom.    It was childish for us to be leaning back, arms crossed, looking at each other. As if the word [...]

Herself in Numbers

I’m learning to count behind the numbers where Quantity keeps an inventory of all the ages you’ve been.  You’ve been three, four, eighteen and twelve. Thirty four, nineteen, seven.  You’ve been behind the numbers without knowing it. Like a slow reader trying to keep up with his classmates. You are here. They are there. And [...]