When Goodness Crumbles

I don’t remember how often I’d cry. Maybe two or three times a week. Tears swelled behind my eyes like a sudden pregnancy of grief. Then, equally as fast, they were gone, drained from my system as if I had felt nothing at all.  I didn’t know how sad I was until I left. Thinking [...]

Ode to Ballerinas

I always wedged the small plastic container of almonds in the cupholder of my car. It made reaching for an almond easy and accessible as I drove. Keeping my left hand on the wheel, I used my right hand to pinch the almonds with my fingertips. It was always sad to no longer feel an [...]

Learning to Listen on FaceTime

I see him in the evening within the four corners of my phone’s warm screen. It is close to midnight his time, only six o’clock mine. The light from a desk lamp illuminates his skin. His closet doors are always open. His fan, always oscillating. Sometimes he will talk into the fan, making his voice [...]

A Cream for the Soul

I met her for lunch on a Friday afternoon in mid-April. Our table, situated near a large glass window, brought sunlight and warmth into our meal. I sat facing the window with my ankles crossed beneath the chair. My cheeks absorbed the sunlight, becoming more florid than usual. I felt the warmth move past my [...]

The Silent Intruder

It is two o’clock when I make the boys lunch. Peanut butter sandwiches on white bread. I spread the peanut butter evenly across the bread’s softness to avoid clumping. Line up the crust. Place one slice on top. Swipe crumbs into the wastebasket. On ceramic plates, I carry the diagonally cut sandwiches up wooden stairs [...]