Ode to Ballerinas

I always wedged the small plastic container of almonds in the cupholder of my car. It made reaching for an almond easy and accessible as I drove. Keeping my left hand on the wheel, I used my right hand to pinch the almonds with my fingertips. It was always sad to no longer feel an [...]

Learning to Listen on FaceTime

I see him in the evening within the four corners of my phone’s warm screen. It is close to midnight his time, only six o’clock mine. The light from a desk lamp illuminates his skin. His closet doors are always open. His fan, always oscillating. Sometimes he will talk into the fan, making his voice [...]

A Cream for the Soul

I met her for lunch on a Friday afternoon in mid-April. Our table, situated near a large glass window, brought sunlight and warmth into our meal. I sat facing the window with my ankles crossed beneath the chair. My cheeks absorbed the sunlight, becoming more florid than usual. I felt the warmth move past my [...]

The Silent Intruder

It is two o’clock when I make the boys lunch. Peanut butter sandwiches on white bread. I spread the peanut butter evenly across the bread’s softness to avoid clumping. Line up the crust. Place one slice on top. Swipe crumbs into the wastebasket. On ceramic plates, I carry the diagonally cut sandwiches up wooden stairs [...]

Apartment Windows in Rome

It was midday in Rome. The air smelled sweet like maple or nectar. I was convinced that someone had left a plate of pancakes by their window for all the tenants to sniff. Music played from another apartment, low and distant. I imagined the people listening, using the music as background noise while they cooked [...]

Trying to Pinpoint

It began in high school, I believe. I sat in the front row. Metal crates were connected beneath the desks for us girls to store our books during class. The theology teacher was new but, like most teachers who try to connect with students, she kept a shoebox on her desk with pieces of paper [...]

Mom always said to nurture yourself

I anticipate my mother coming home from work everyday, the moment she'll open the door, greet our cat, and set down the items she left with early that morning--a lunch box, her purse, folders with her company's name across the center. Her return fills our home with warmth, provides each of us with what we've [...]

Humidity and Verbs

You fell in love with yearning at the age of nineteen. You met on a humid night. You remember being pleased with the humidity, not minding how it fluffed the hair near your temples into baby curls. Not minding how the water proof fabric of your rain jacket folded into your skin, making you feel [...]

Coronado Island

Archives from Spring 2017 Last spring, a golden shore along the coast of Coronado Island served as our alarm clock every morning. The gentle crashing of ocean waves and a faint breathe of hazelnut coffee stirred us gradually from our deep sleeps. Our feet pushed aside the seashell quilt that always hung lazily over the [...]