12 Ways to Wear Adidas Biking Shorts

Classy/sophisticated/chic black turtleneck, white trainers, Gucci bag, gold jewelry literary-esque blazer, white trainers, white T-shirt leather jacket, white T-shirt, silver heels, dragonfly purse or black fur purse white sweater, white trainers, pink rose sporty/athletic/active grey sweatshirt, white trainers, Dooney & Bourke cross-body purse black sports bra, Bebe fanny pack, white trainers, baseball cap black Adidas [...]

Short Story Excerpt: Elise

This is the beginning of a short story I have been working on. It has no title yet. For the sake of simplicity, I call it Elise as this is the name of the main character. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt. 🙂 It is 10:35 on a Saturday morning. The air is warm. [...]

Short Story: All That She is Not

All That She is Not On Sunday morning, Natalie drives to her father’s house wishing she drank two cups of coffee instead of one. It is fifteen years after her parents divorced and Natalie still finds it unfair that her mother is the only one who, after all of the court meetings and paperwork, lost [...]