To Our Little Home…

Thank you for the long windowsill which housed our plants and ripened a plethora of avocados. Thank you for the large windows that made our desire for a balcony even more potent; sweeping air into our mornings like the earth was spring cleaning. Thank you for the walls that we adorned with handwritten notes and torn magazine pages, and sometimes a watercolor painting from an evening spent within. Forgive us for the assortment of Birkenstocks and rain boots that piled up near the door, for the permanently crowded recycling bin, and for never using the overhead florescent light. But mostly, thank you for being a sanctuary in which we collapse into your comfort and warmth. And for the numerous times we bought flowers for no reason, thank you for seamlessly transitioning from a study room into a green house of tulips, roses, and a friendship that continues to blossom.

Thank you.

…a glimpse into the music that helped us through the semester…

writing and thinking playlist








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